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Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater

Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater

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The Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater is a compact and user-friendly aquarium heater designed to maintain a stable and comfortable water temperature for your aquatic pets, all controlled from your device. Set and adjust the temperature precisely, and check in throughout the day with the ContrAll app, on your smartphone. Key features of the Sicce Scuba Contactless Heater include its compact size, making it easy to conceal within your aquarium setup, and its durable construction for long-lasting performance. It is designed to be submersible and fully waterproof, ensuring safe operation underwater. You don't need to adjust any temperature settings manually, making it ideal for beginners or those who prefer a hassle-free heating solution. Simply install it in your aquarium, plug it in, and set the temperature desired in the app. It offers convenience and peace of mind when it comes to maintaining the proper water temperature in your aquarium. 

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