About Firehouse Pets

Welcome to Firehouse Pets! We are a local, family owned and operated business in Lucan, Ontario. We are dedicated to providing the best products for you and your pets.

Over 25 years of service

Prior to opening Firehouse Pets, Ian served his community and the Alberta Oil Sands for for a combined 25 years as a Firefighter, Primary Care Paramedic, Emergency Rescue Technician, and, currently, Assistant District Fire Chief / Fire Investigator.

How Firehouse Pets started

After being diagnosed with PTSD in 2010, Ian decided to go into business for himself. He has been in the aquarium industry since 2013. Since then, he's added more pet types and products to his repertoire and moved the shop to Lucan to expand and service the community he lives in with his wife.

  • Ian

    Ian's love of animals and the ocean is apparent in many aspects of his life. He is a proud volunteer with the reef restoration program, Eco Divers Reef Foundation, in the Cayman Islands. He is also a mental health advocate and works with CMHA My Sister's Place where he provides a no charge aquarium and services for the clientele there. He is excited to continue serving the animal-loving community with Firehouse Pets.

  • Kristy

    Kristy is the manager of 3 mental health and addictions programs in London and has been with Canadian Mental health association for over 20 years. She is a collector of all the animals and if they had a farm, her husband, Ian, would be completely grey. Her favourite role is being mom to her adorable little humans (6 and 7). Stop into Firehouse Pets to say hi!

  • Nina

    The newest member to the Firehouse team, Nina, is a professional dog groomer and has worked in the customer service area of pet care for the past decade. She enjoys training her German Shepherd, Shenzi, in the sport of Schutzhund which consists of tracking, obedience and protection. She looks forward to serving the pet families in the local community!

Firehouse Pets is all about community

We love serving our community and their adored pets. Stop into our shop, located in Lucan, ON, to say hello. Or, shop online for the same, high-quality pet products!