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Orijen Tundra Dog Food

Orijen Tundra Dog Food

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Orijen Dog Food has a simple and strong vision, which is to create dog foods that are biologically appropriate to nourish pets with their evolutionary adaptation to fresh meat and protein-rich diets. This includes whole-prey diets with ratios that mimic a dog’s natural diet. With that said, Orijen creates its recipes only with the best, regionally sourced, Canadian ingredients delivered fresh at their door daily and then processed in their own award-winning kitchen. This creates a food loaded with flavour that nourishes your dog as nature intended.


Orijen Tundra Dog Food features a formula with 85% high-quality meat (2/3 fresh or raw, 1/3 gently dehydrated) to keep the protein level at 40%, similar to a dog's natural diet. The delicious blend of regionally-sourced meats includes lamb, venison, mutton, nd a variety of fish. In addition, each kibble is freeze-dried coated to enhance the flavour, making this food even more delicious for the pickiest eaters. All of these nutrient-rich meats are paired with a variety of fruits and vegetables, including apples and pears, and are delivered to the kitchen fresh (never frozen) daily. Orijen has avoided using grains and potatoes and instead uses low-glycemic carbohydrates (i.e. red lentils and garbanzo beans) and a combination of botanicals to make this wholesome diet for your pooch.

Available only in a 25 lb (11.4 kg) bag.



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